Griesedieck Bros.



is a tribute to our family‚Äôs German heritage, having modeled it after the great pilsener beers of Southern Germany.  Made with all malt and noble hops, this pilsener has a medium yet dry body with a slight hops bitterness that finishes clean.

ABV: 5.25%  IBU: 23

Malt: Pilsen malt, 2 row malt, Dextrin malt, Caramel 20L

Hops: Saaz

Griesedieck Bros.


Bavarian-Style Wheat

is an example of the consistency one would expect from a great German wheat beer.  Thanks to our Munich-born weizen yeast, this unfiltered wheat ale has a fresh ripe banana flavor and aroma with a hint of cloves.

ABV: 4.8%  IBU: 12

Malt: 2 row malt, White wheat malt, Dextrin malt, Pilsener Malt, Crystal Malt

Hops: Perle