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SILVER STREAK is a tribute to Raymond B. Griesedieck, H.L. Griesedieck’s nephew.

When National Prohibition was in full swing, Raymond B. continued to supply his best customers with vodka which he had cut from the cereal cookers and distilled in one of the many nooks of his infamous south St. Louis


SILVER STREAK can easily be consumed in secret because

it has no noticeable aroma, perhaps a touch of corn, but

otherwise neutral. It has a light body with a slight sweetness,

but flows clean from beginning to end.

Old Scenter was H.L. Griesedieck’s best selling product.

This whiskey depicted hunting scenes and dogs sniffing for the prize. With a chance of a raid during Prohibition, it was too risky for distilleries to age their spirits and drinking barreled aged whiskey at the bar was dangerous. Mixed cocktails became the rage. Why “White Dog”? Our Brewers had better access to corn. Thus began the rise in unaged whiskeys.

WARBLER Silver Rum is another classic H.L. Griesedieck

Prohibition Spirit.

The third in the line-up of H.L Griesedieck’s famous spirits,

Warbler Silver Rum appealed to a wide range of bar patrons

because of its flexibility as a base in mixed drinks. The most

popular drinks were the daiquiri and the Cuba Libre.

Prohibition was the era that showed the rise of silver rum, with the introduction of charcoal filtering,. Warbler is still made with this process and may be one of the smoothest rums ever made.